“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away”.
– Maya Angelou


"The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart."
— Helen Keller


“Self-worth comes from one thing- thinking you are worthy”.
– Dr. Wayne Dyer

You Can Live A Better Life!

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Wholesome Life Counseling

You Want to Stop Struggling

If you are like most of my clients, you’ve landed on this website because you are hurting. When life is not going well, it zaps your energy and makes it difficult to do anything.

Your problems might feel overwhelming. Perhaps you feel helpless and don’t know where to turn. If that is the case, it’s important to remember that:

Change is always possible.

It doesn’t matter how down in the dumps you might be right now. You can overcome your problems to achieve a better life.

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Available Services

Depression Counseling

Depression is one of the most debilitating mental health issues that exist. Therapy can help you manage and even overcome

I want help for depression

Relationship Counseling

If your relationships are not going well the struggle is exhausting. Whether you are in a relationship that is painful and

I want help for relationship problems

Anxiety and Stress Counseling

You don’t have to feel stressed or anxious much of the time. As your therapist, I can show you many tools to help you manage,

I want help for anxiety and stress

Addiction Counseling

You can gain control of your addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you have already stopped your addictive behaviors but are

I want help for addiction

You Can Take Back Control of Your Life

I am a skilled clinician who will listen without passing judgment. For more than 8 years I have helped clients just like you to learn to cope with the debilitating effects of depression and anxiety, beat drug addiction, and solve relationship troubles.

My unique  brand of counseling that focuses on the health and well-being of the whole client.

Together, in therapy we’ll work to resolve your problems.
I will assist you in discovering new coping mechanisms, so you can overcome your challenges, pain, and fears. I’ll help you master communication, so that you have better relationships with others.

You’ll feel calmer and more in control.
Through counseling, you can develop the strength and confidence to move forward with your head held high. You can have a new love for your own special gifts and place in the world.

What is Wholesome Life Counseling Solutions?

My name is Dr. April E. Stewart. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a doctorate degree in Human Services with a Specialization in Counseling Studies.

The mission of wholesome Life Counseling Solutions is to provide safe and respectable integrated therapy  services that support individuals, couples, and families during their quest to restore, enhance, and maintain their overall quality of life.

I specialize in integrated counseling that focuses on the whole client. My style of therapy will show you how to overcome the struggles that take away your power and leave you feeling as though you’re at the mercy of an uncaring world.

I have helped people just like you to prevail over the challenges and uncertainty that can make life seem so overwhelming.

I can help you become stronger, so that you can conquer your problems to gain the direction and confidence you need to be successful in every aspect of your life.

Customized Therapy to Meet Your Unique Needs

I’ll get to know the real you, and create a customized treatment plan designed to help you overcome the barriers that are holding you back. We’ll work in whatever way works best for you.
Counseling clients who come to me walk away with powerful new tools to:

• Feel more empowered
• Improve confidence
• Increase self-control
• Enhance their feelings of satisfaction with their life
• Create inner peace
• Feel more capable

You have the power within you to do all of these things. I can teach you to unlock it.

Allow me to show you the difference my style of therapy can make in your life. Even if you feel as though you’re at the bottom of a dark abyss and there is no escape.

I can help you learn to stand up, take charge, and get the life you deserve.

Lasting Change is Within Reach

You don’t have to suffer alone.
Your life, and the ability to change it is in your hands.
I can show you the tools you need to build the life you want.

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